Bridlington Golf Club have a state-of-the-art golf simulation studio, which gives you the experience of playing the world’s greatest courses with the most accurate ball and club data, providing the most realistic experience possible.

Play Gleneagles, Wentworth, and Pebble Beach!

GCQuad– “The advanced imaging technology and lightning-fast processor make if the most precise, versatile launch monitor available today”

Play, improve, and compete on the world’s most advanced golf simulator.Whether you feel like playing a legendary course or feel the urge to test your skills in the warm on a cold day, our Foresight GolfGCQuad launch monitor offers extremely precise data on distance, ball speed, spin, launch angle and many other statistics, which are sure to help improve your game.

Stunning Graphics

Some of the world’s best and most exclusive courses are recreated in precise detail in with super sharp 4K resolution to ensure the experience is as real as if you were actually on the course itself! From the Emirates Club in Dubai to Pebble Beach in California, or Carnoustie and Wentworth, you can travel all around the world from the comfort of our golf studio.

Powerful Performance Analysis

Smart camera technology provides comprehensive data and visualisation of each and every shot to help you improve your game.  Book at lesson and analyse data together with our PGA Professional and see results fast. The GC Quad produces accurate measurements, from club head speed to smash factor, angle of attack, and club path giving you powerful insights into your shots to help you improve your game.

If you would like to experience this fantastic golf simulator, to work on your game or to play a famous golf course, then visit our Professional Golf Shop to book a session or to book in advance contact Tel. 01262 606367.

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